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Third-Party Administrators

third-party administrators

RemedyOne provides third-party administrators the opportunity to better manage their rebate process and provide added value to their customers. Our clients experience more control over their organization and a competitive advantage in winning new business.

We Grow Your Business, Together

We know how important it is for third-party administrators to maintain positive relationships with their existing customer base. Working with RemedyOne to manage your pharmacy rebates will guarantee added value to those customers. Leveraging our unique expertise also provides the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market and win new business. We offer services and expertise that are simply unmatched.

Our pharmacy rebates, therapy carve-out rebates, and rebate management offerings are all based on our fundamental approach—provide insight and education to our clients so we can make smart, clinically-sound decisions together. It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of the benefit system and question if you’re getting the full value of your benefit dollars. 

We understand just how competitive the market is, and the value of having a strategic partner with the right expertise to help you navigate it successfully. RemedyOne operates with your best interest and the best interest of your customers in mind. This translates to more control over your organization, added value for your existing customers, and an incredible advantage when it comes to securing new contracts.

Our role is to aid in the growth of your business. By leveraging the drug benefit as a prospecting tool, we greatly enhance your ability to identify and procure new business. RemedyOne offers support and guidance throughout the sales process to ensure you secure new clients, equipping you with the right tools, advanced analytics, and insight to successfully grow your business.

Solutions for Third-Party Administrators


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