We uncover opportunities in a broad, complex, and shifting landscape


We cut through the complexity to uncover opportunities that make the system work for you. RemedyOne provides additional opportunity for savings, growth, more control for your organization, and increased value of your benefit dollars.

Pharmacy Rebates

We shape our formularies to support what matters most to your organization’s success. Our approach to formulary optimization is truly unique in that we consider much more than simply what drugs have a rebate. We balance clinical efficacy and overall cost with or without a rebate.

Rebate Management

Our services in combination with our proprietary technology provide oversight and guidance to add value and ensure you receive what’s owed to you. We also help reduce or mitigate risk and provide an
approach that fosters collaboration and results for everyone in the care continuum.

Rebate and Formulary Management

RemedyOne cuts through the complexity of the pharmaceutical world by providing guidance and cost savings to PBMs, Employer Groups, Health Plans, and Third-Party Administrators.
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