Rebate Management Services

rebate management services

Rebate and Formulary Management

RemedyOne provides guidance and cost savings through the entire suite of rebate management services we offer. We’re incredibly successful at this because we believe in a transparent management process— showing you all the facts and data to help make smart, informed decisions.

Rebate management processes and procedures are complex, and it’s easy to miss out on potential savings. Our services provide oversight and guidance to add value and ensure you receive what’s owed to you. We also help reduce or mitigate risk and provide an approach that fosters collaboration and results for everyone in the care continuum.

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Contract Management

RemedyOne provides management and oversight of rebate intermediary contracts, performs competitive analysis, and recommends ways to increase rebate yields. Identifying coverage gaps and rebate payment risks will increase value and put your mind at ease.

Clinical Policy Management and Compliance

We offer clinical expertise to provide oversight of clinical coverage policies and controls to mitigate rebate payment risk and maximize yields. Our clinical team compares the clinical policy and formulary controls mandated by rebate agreements with client policies and controls to identify gaps and areas of rebate payment risk. This includes access to RemedyOne’s internal P&T Committee.

Rebate Oversight

Our rebate oversight ensures you’re being paid what’s owed. We believe our clients should have a full and transparent understanding of what’s happening with their rebates. We also provide oversight and support of the claims submission process for the payment of rebates.

Client Contract Support

We provide oversight of your downstream client rebate contracts for compliances, formulary compliance, clinical policy requirement, membership requirements, and drug exclusions.

We support our clients by managing the relationship with rebate intermediaries, including managing meetings and correspondence as well as negotiation of contract renewals and amendments. This helps us identify risks and communicate them to you, along with a correction plan to mitigate risk. We’re also equipped to assist with the completion of RFPs in the area of rebate offering development and underwriting and help in efforts to retain existing business.

Rebate Factoring and Insurance

RemedyOne rebate factoring service will purchase and support outstanding rebate receivables. We evaluate the outstanding rebate and make a cash offer for immediate payment rather than you having to wait months for the payment from your rebate intermediary


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