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Therapy Class
Carve-Out Rebates

Specialty drugs represent more than 60% of your total pharmacy cost. Our therapy class carve-out rebates offer outcome-based solutions.

RemedyOne helps you control costs by offering cost-effective solutions in the high-cost, high-visibility therapy class carve-out rebates category. Therapy classes such as autoimmune, diabetes, asthma, and hepatitis C are among the highest cost categories driving your pharmacy cost increase. We manage therapy classes through the clinical lens and craft carve-out solutions that make sense for you. We believe those that bear the burden of cost should have access to all available rebates. 

Outcome-Based Rebate Opportunities

Our direct negotiations with pharmaceutical manufacturers allow us to deliver unique outcome-based rebate management to our clients. We help guide and educate our customers on how they can utilize these unique contracts to control costs. Our unique approach helps to find new and better ways to increase your savings while providing optimal outcomes. 

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