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Employer Groups

employer groups

RemedyOne works with employer groups that are passionate about employee benefits and unsatisfied with the status quo. We provide the necessary guidance to lower costs and help expose new opportunities to save through your pharmacy rebates. 

RemedyOne can act as your strategic rebate and formulary management partner or simply provide rebate management services with your existing rebate and formulary management partner. In any capacity, we ensure that our clients get every penny owed to them and optimize the cost of their employee benefit. 

Optimizing Your Pharmacy Rebates

We work directly with our clients to help educate them and make smart, informed decisions, together. We know just how cumbersome navigating the benefit landscape can be. It’s our goal to help highlight a clear path to opportunity and provide additional cost-savings for our clients.

Increase Savings Though Better Management

You need a trusted partner to have your best interest in mind throughout the entire rebate management process. Our experience and breadth of management services cannot be matched. Because we understand the complexities of the system, we find creative ways to lower costs and explore new opportunities to save.

Solutions for Employer Groups


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