For leaders charged with making important pharmacy benefit choices

Do you need to find clarity in the complexity of modern pharmaceutical programs? RemedyOne helps you make growth-minded decisions based on options you didn’t even know you had.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Our direct relationships enable us to deliver unique pharmacy rebate management solutions while keeping on-trend within a broad and shifting industry landscape. We’re not a  PBM which means we’re able to act with your best interest in mind to provide unbiased oversight and the best rates possible.

Health Plans

Our pharmacy rebate options, coupled with oversight and support, provides lower costs on your fully-insured business, and will help you be competitive for your ASO business.

Employer Groups

Your healthcare benefit should be a competitive advantage that helps you attract and care for top talent while also controlling costs. Our specialty is uncovering new opportunities to provide savings in areas that would otherwise go unnoticed.  We do not replace your broker. Instead, we work with your broker to implement our cost-savings programs.

Third-Party Administrators

RemedyOne brings industry-leading pharmacy rebate contract options to help you lower pharmacy benefit costs. We understand how competitive your market is, and we help you differentiate from the competition to grow your business and elevate client satisfaction and sustainability.

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