Who We Serve

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

pharmacy benefit managers

RemedyOne partners with pharmacy benefit managers to uncover new possibilities for growth. We leverage our expertise to craft a strategic approach that will set you up for success and set you apart from your competition.

Access To The Industry

We have relationships that give us access to a variety of contracting options with pharmaceutical manufacturers. These relationships enable us to deliver value-based solutions while keeping on-trend within a broad and shifting industry landscape.

Guidance for Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Data and education are at the core of what we do. We work directly with our clients to help educate them and make smart, informed decisions, together. We know just how cumbersome navigating the benefit landscape can be. It’s our goal to help highlight a clear path to opportunity and provide better outcomes for our clients.

Our understanding of pharmacy benefit management is unique and unbiased. The objectivity we bring to the table allows us to offer streamlined processes, discover new efficiencies and identity opportunities overlooked by most PBMs. The result is savings, growth, more control for your organization and those you serve, and increased value of your benefit dollars. 

Formulary Optimization
RemedyOne implements clinically sound and cost-effective choices that provide ”smart” formularies to improve outcomes and drive lower costs. We aid in optimizing your benefit dollars so you keep existing customers happy while also winning new business.

Solutions for Pharmacy Benefit Managers


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