Get more value from your pharmacy rebates

pharmacy rebates
Expert Guidance On Pharmacy Rebates 

RemedyOne partners with you to understand what success means to you and your organization, and shapes our services to support your priorities.

Our expertise, insight, and deep understanding of distribution-channel needs provides you with increased value for you and your clients and enables new business development.

We’ve spent years fostering relationships with manufacturers and working to develop an unmatched level of industry insight. The result is our innate ability to secure more substantial rebates across the pharmaceutical spectrum.

From Volume to Value

We work with the entire supply chain to develop and administer value-based contracts. If a drug delivers less than its optimal benefit, payers receive a discount inline with unrealized performance. Our approach reduces risk, lowers costs, motivates collaboration, and produces winning results every time.

Our Clinical Team

Our approach is clinically-driven and about much more than capturing rebates. The RemedyOne clinical team brings a wealth of industry experience, providing research and insight, and working with trade to assess new drugs and understand their implications. They write clinical policies and assist clients, providing input and guidance as part of our client’s dedicated account management team.

In-house P&T Committee

Having an in-house P&T committee means that we control what goes on our formularies.  Our formularies are clinically sound and cost effective. We believe in the value of due diligence, that is, looking at the true value of your benefit dollars with clinical outcomes in mind


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