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RemedyOne cuts through the complexity of modern pharmaceutical programs to uncover opportunities to grow, to flex agreements in your favor and to help you take decisive action on what matters.

Managing over $1B in WAC spend
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Eliminated over $323M in wasteful drug spend for our clients
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RemedyOne is a formulary optimization company

We have a unique relationship with the way these systems work and where they can be reformed in favor of better outcomes that more people can benefit from.

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Our team of clinical and industry experts understand the intricacies of pharmacy benefits and work to uncover opportunities for growth to drive value for your organization and those you serve.

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Rebate and Formulary Management

Our rebate and formulary management services can be customized to meet your unique needs and combined, offer complete and comprehensive rebate lifecycle management.

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How We Free Value

RemedyOne believes there’s a better way to do business and leverage our undestanding of the complex pharmaceutical world to provide you with guidance and cost savings.

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Wellfleet Case Study

Wellfleet Rx and RemedyOne believe in providing access and education to students, helping them lead healthier lives and become better lifelong consumers of healthcare.

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