Michael Waterbury

Executive Chairman
“At RemedyOne we have great people and are committed to putting truth into action and improving the healthcare in this country.”

For over 20 years Mike has studied the healthcare system from the inside out.

He advanced from financial analyst to executive at Oxford Health Plans, and then Magellan Health Services, where he pioneered the integration of ICORE Healthcare, a company focused on solving specialty pharmacy challenges, and the development of a new medical pharmacy program.

Mike was inspired to found a company that could act on the potential of all he had seen and learned—RemedyOne. He wanted to bring together talented minds—people who, like him, have a passion to succeed and to learn, and who pay attention to the detail necessary to get it done regardless of how complex the situation.

Since founding RemedyOne, he has gathered a team committed to dedicating their time and careers to cutting through complexity in search of the truth. That team has created a passionate culture Mike is proud of, and produced the outcomes that have changed thousands of lives for the better.

Today, he’s freeing and amplifying more talent to join the cause, and creating a parent company that will build and support over 20 companies to solve specific healthcare challenges. Collectively, they will be positioned to significantly improve the access and value of the healthcare dollar at the systemic level.