People Played, Laughed and Helped Create Remedies for Life

Comedian Will Ferrell helped kick off RemedyOne’s new take on charitable giving through ScholarScripts on April 30 in Las Vegas. ScholarScripts’ golf, comedy and storytelling events were the hot ticket for Asembia attendees. This event was the place to be at Asembia given the combination of RemedyOne’s ability to drive innovative healthcare solutions, the positive energy generated from supporting a great charity, Cancer for College and of course the charisma, and humor provided by Will Ferell.

The day began with golf, as Will Ferrell joined participants to take in 18 holes at the world-class Cascata Golf Course. Later that evening, RemedyOne and ScholarScripts CEO Mike Waterbury welcomed 125-plus guests to a gala at the Wynn Hotel Resort & Casino.

Mike explained the promise of ScholarScripts’ strategy to leverage RemedyOne’s efficiency tools to improve charitable giving and maximize the value of donated dollars. He shared his commitment to Cancer for College, ScholarScripts’ first charity partner.

Mike was followed by Will Ferrell and Greg Flores, Executive Director at Cancer for College. Ferrell entertained the crowd with humor and insights into behind-the-scenes activities from throughout his career. After his appearance, Ferrell generously posed for photos with each attendee.

While funds continue to come in from the event, we are excited to contribute a significant amount of money to provide scholarships to cancer survivors

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