Robert Louie, RPh, MBA

EVP, Clinical Services
“RemedyOne’s talented team has decades of experience in the health care delivery system and is committed to fixing inefficiencies in the healthcare system. We take the time to listen to our client’s unique situations in order to provide innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients.”

Rob has been practicing pharmacy for over 30 years. Rob’s perspective is shaped by his many years of experience in clinical oncology, before developing specialty pharmacy expertise in the field of managed care. Years of clinical knowledge combined with intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry allowed Rob to develop and lead innovative clinical programs at Magellan Rx, including the development of a cutting-edge Medical Pharmacy Program that integrated technology with expert clinical reviews by specialists.

At RemedyOne, Rob is a leader in helping the team create innovative solutions that are clinically-sound —ones that will actually work in the real world. He created Remedy One’s first P&T Committee, which includes the hiring of external physician members, and the creation of the P&T Charter, processes, and policies. In keeping with RemedyOne’s commitment to ‘cut through complexity’ he developed an efficient system to run the P&T.

Rob’s attention is now focused on creating innovative clinical programs, supporting RemedyOne’s formulary optimization program, educating internal and external stakeholders on relevant pharmacy industry topics, and continuing to manage the P&T process.