Michelle Frank

Chief Growth Officer
“RemedyOne has the expertise and WILL to keep uncovering ways to lower drug costs for our clients and their clients/members/employees. We never settle or accept the status quo.”

Michelle is a tenacious entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience that has taught her the power of listening carefully to your clients and acting on what really matters to them.

Prior to joining RemedyOne, Michelle had her own IT consulting company, Tryton Solutions, and was an executive sales leader at MHK, a SaaS start-up, developing a healthcare platform that enables any risk-bearing entity to have all stakeholders work within one system to manage the care continuum.

Her experience building teams and processes while selling set her up to thrive at RemedyOne, where she brings organizations across the healthcare spectrum innovative, yet practical, ways to improve efficiency, rethink saving opportunities, understand rebates, and implement proven innovative performance-improvement strategies.

Above all, she sees her role as a champion for the voice of RemedyOne’s customers, as she pursues strategies to grow RemedyOne’s business by educating the market that there is a better way for rebate and formulary optimization – the RemedyOne way!