Mark Francen

EVP, Client Success
“RemedyOne is much more than a rebate service vendor. We are a trusted partner dedicated to helping our valued customers excel in a complex industry.”

Mark has been leading efforts to serve customers in the healthcare/health plan industry for more than 20 years. His goal is to help the customer maximize their potential, and along the way he strives to make their jobs easier by increasing efficiencies and building a partnership. Mark’s experience with clients of various sizes helps him build those partnerships with industry leaders of all levels.

Mark believes the best solutions are developed through a collaboration of different points of views. At RemedyOne, Mark is excited to be leading efforts to build next generation client dashboards and rebate optimization reports with a multi-functional workgroup that spans the company.

And while the systems of healthcare may be complex, Mark believes the remedy can be stated simply: transparency and knowledge. Mark seeks to provide RemedyOne’s clients with the data and transparency that generates the knowledge they need to be successful. That information, coupled with the expertise within RemedyOne, optimizes their ability to maximize rebates for the customers they serve.