Medical Rebates that drive results

medical rebates
Discovering Opportunities with Medical Rebates

Companies overlook millions of dollars in medical rebates for drugs administered by providers and on the medical benefit. We believe in making the medical rebate process simple and easy for our clients. Our rebate program secures and manages rebates that are often overlooked or missing, and provides increased value. By providing both pharmacy and medical rebates, RemedyOne is able to offer more value across the board.

We have a robust list of medical rebate contracts and our insight and expertise allow us to position them to provide maximum value. Our medical rebate services include management for biosimilar strategies as well as medical injectable fee schedules to support overall cost reduction.

Biosimilar Strategies

RemedyOne is able to deliver turn-key solutions to support a biosimilar strategy.  We have a thorough understanding of this emerging category.

Medical Injectable Fee Schedule

We manage the entire process from creating the fee schedule(s) through implementation and on-going management.  Medical injectable fee schedules are important to lower costs and extremely effective in implementing a biosimilar strategy.


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