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It’s Time for a change

Now you can see the big picture and understand how to improve your performance and profitability with insights and initiatives from RemedyOne. Our unique, comprehensive and objective view of the Pharmacy Benefit Management landscape enables us to streamline processes, uncover efficiencies and identify opportunities most PBMs never realize. So you earn more, waste less and maximize the value of your business.

We do not compete with your business like a traditional PBM rebate provider, since we are not a PBM. Instead, we work to grow your PBM customers through our consulting practice. As we get to know your differentiated solutions, we can present them to our consulting customers.

Market-Leading Rebates and Formulary Management
Rebates, if done right, can be a significant differentiator for your business. And RemedyOne delivers like no one else can. Our clients leverage our industry expertise and market-leading rebate rates to keep their current clients happy and win more business from new clients.

Our rebate offering includes pharmacy rebates, medical rebates and specialty carve-out rebates. We’ve negotiated the best rates through multiple channels, including our own internal Trade team that works directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our direct relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers enable us to deliver the best rates and keep a close eye on the ever-changing drug landscape and trends.

Every year, millions of dollars in rebates for drugs administered through medical channels are overlooked. We’re changing that. RemedyOne’s Medical Rebate program negotiates and manages rebates that would otherwise be missed. We help add to your earnings without changing the way you do business or patient benefits.

RemedyOne’s world-class formulary management gives you a better resource than even the biggest PBMs. In the end, you win more new business and make your existing clients happier.

It's Working

DataRx wanted to be more competitive in the marketplace and was looking for the right rebate partner to help them grow.

“We chose RemedyOne to help us think through the best formulary options to serve our clients and maximize their rebate opportunity. RemedyOne knows this business better than anyone and has the best rates on rebates through their direct deals with pharmaceutical manufacturers and strategic partners. They were the clear choice for us.”

Brian Vossler


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