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It’s Time for a change

Now you can see the big picture and understand how to improve your performance and profitability with insights and initiatives from RemedyOne. Our unique, comprehensive and objective view of the Health Plan landscape enables us to streamline processes, uncover efficiencies and identify opportunities most Health Plans never realize. So you earn more, waste less and maximize the value of your business.

Medical Drug Rebates Go Right to the Bottom Line
Every year, millions of dollars in rebates for drugs administered through medical channels are overlooked. We’re changing that. RemedyOne’s Medical Rebate program negotiates and manages generous rebates that would otherwise be missed. We help add to your earnings without changing the way you do business or patient benefits.

Unique Specialty Drug Carve-Out Rebates
Specialty drug carve-out rebates substantially add to profitability. We’ve negotiated industry-leading rates you can’t get anywhere else.

Turnkey Fee Schedule: No Worries, No Waste
It takes a lot of bandwidth to effectively manage Fee Schedules. And it’s a process that never stops. Take a break and you lose money and affect outcomes. RemedyOne’s proven turnkey Fee Schedule programs get the job done for you.

Our complete solutions handle everything – design, implementation and ongoing management. RemedyOne Fee Schedule experts take the burden off of your team so you can focus on other initiatives.

End-to-End, Efficient Site-of-Service
We’ve created, tested and fine-tuned a complete Site-of-Service solution that covers all the bases. RemedyOne medical administration experts can install, manage and deliver all the benefits for you. You simply reap the rewards of lower costs, reduced frustration and on-target care.

ASO Rx 360
Your ASO groups should be profitable. RemedyOne’s turnkey pharmacy ASO solution reduces your pharmacy carve-out business and optimizes profitability. Our proven program leverages decades of experience and leading-edge new ideas to reduce the administrative burden and risk. Imagine this: leveraging your existing PBM contract asset to make your pharmacy benefit services a profit center. That’s what we do for you.


Consulting doesn’t have to be a bad word. RemedyOne’s Outcome-Based Consulting group is focused on delivering results with real business benefits you can see, evaluate and showcase across your organization. Our proven methodologies, strategies and seasoned practice leaders take a 360° view of your organization and our industry to create the best possible outcomes for you.

RemedyOne also gives you a huge pricing advantage, since we negotiate based upon our entire book of business with PBMs. Leveraging our size enables us to obtain very aggressive pricing. We extend that consortium pricing to you. So smaller plans get pricing that’s historically reserved for very large groups.

RemedyOne consultancies drive value from your PBM. We can perform discount reconciliations for your contracts and help you actually collect the rebates, discounts and other monies you’ve earned. We can assist with contract renegotiations and lead RFPs for new PBM contracts. Our industry-wide 360° view also helps us spot drug trends and utilization on both the medical and pharmaceutical sides. So you’re covered at every turn with experts watching out for your best interests.

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