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It’s Time for a change

Benefits are important for attracting and retaining top-notch employees, but they shouldn’t break the bank. RemedyOne expertise helps you lower costs, improve outcomes and uncover new efficiencies. You’ll find savings strategies that were never even on your radar before. Plus, your covered employees will get access to the options they need to improve outcomes and experience a continuity of care. Our unique, comprehensive and objective view of the entire health care landscape enables us to streamline processes, uncover efficiencies and identify opportunities most Employers never realize. So your health care can become a competitive advantage that helps you satisfy employees and control costs.

Medical Drug Rebates Go Right to the Bottom Line
Every year, millions of dollars in rebates for drugs administered through medical channels are overlooked. We’re changing that. RemedyOne’s Medical Rebate program negotiates and manages generous rebates that would otherwise be missed. We help add to your earnings without changing the way you do business or patient benefits.

Unique Specialty Drug Carve-Out Rebates
Specialty drug carve-out rebates substantially add to profitability. We’ve negotiated industry-leading rates you can’t get anywhere else.

Medical PBM 360
Drugs administered on the medical side often slip through the cracks. You miss rebates, lose control, aren’t in the approval process and don’t see the details. RemedyOne’s Medical PBM 360 is a turnkey solution that includes tracking, auditing and reporting. Our medical benefit experts help patients get the drugs they medically need, while controlling costs and ensuring you get any discounts or rebates you are entitled to.

End-to-End, Efficient Site-of-Service
We’ve created, tested and fine-tuned a complete Site-of-Service solution that covers all the bases. RemedyOne medical administration experts can install, manage and deliver all the benefits for you. You simply reap the rewards of lower costs, reduced frustration and on-target care.

It Works

RemedyOne clients see an average of
25% savings
from our PBM management services, plus significant Site-of-Service management savings.

Outcome-Based Consulting
For Tangible Results

Consulting doesn’t have to be a bad word. RemedyOne’s Outcome-Based Consulting group is focused on delivering results with real business benefits you can see, evaluate and showcase across your organization. Our proven methodologies, strategies and seasoned practice leaders take a 360° view of your organization and our industry to create the best possible outcomes for you.

RemedyOne offers free analysis of your current PBM contract. Based on our analysis, we work with you to execute a plan that cuts costs and maximizes rebate revenue.

This may include:

  • Renegotiating your existing PBM contract
  • Managing an RFP for PBM services
  • Performing discount reconciliations for your contracts and helping you actually collect the rebates, discounts and other monies you’ve earned
  • Leveraging our consortium pricing that allows even a small group to obtain the same rates as a large group

This analysis is at no risk to you, since there is no charge – you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Once engaged, we can also aggressively manage your group’s trends through advanced analytics, strategic solutions, program evaluation and implementation. RemedyOne’s analytics identify pharmacy-spend trends that are driving up costs. We then recommend programs based within a PBM, or through one of our strategic vendors, to address an unmet need. So our clients experience significantly lower trends than the industry.

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