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It’s Time for a change

Now you can help your clients see the big picture and understand how to improve performance and reduce cost with insights and initiatives from RemedyOne. Our unique, comprehensive and objective view of the entire Pharmacy landscape enables us to offer aggressive pricing, innovative trend-management programs and best-in-class analytics. Leveraging our Pharmacy expertise puts you at a competitive advantage by enabling you to provide tremendous value to existing clients and offer a unique solution to new ones.

Pricing, Management and Monitoring
Grow Your Current Relationships

This is a competitive business and maintaining your current relationships is always a challenge. We help you improve the management of your existing groups by ensuring that they have the most aggressive drug pricing and management solution in the industry.

RemedyOne delivers a significant pricing advantage since we negotiate based upon our entire book of business with PBMs. Our size enables us to obtain very aggressive pricing. We extend that consortium pricing to your clients. So smaller employers get pricing that’s historically reserved for very large employer groups. Through our procurement process and consortium deals, we deliver an average savings of 25% off the group’s costs.

We also aggressively manage your groups’ trends through advanced analytics, strategic solutions, program evaluation and implementation. RemedyOne’s analytics identify trends in pharmacy spend that are driving costs up. We then recommend programs based within a PBM, or through one of our strategic vendors, to address an unmet need. Our clients experience significantly lower trends than the industry.  

RemedyOne’s focus extends beyond medications processed on the pharmacy benefit. We have a full suite of solutions to address a client’s medical injectable spend as well. This spend is often overlooked because of a lack of the required expertise. RemedyOne has years of experience managing this spend. Your firm can leverage that experience to differentiate yourself in the market.

It’s simple and risk-free to see how we can help. We’ll conduct a complimentary analysis of your entire book of business or even one group. We’ll outline where we can make a difference through cost savings and revenue opportunities. And we can start today.

Strategic Partner for Acquiring New Business
RemedyOne’s capabilities allow you to grow your business. By leveraging the drug benefit as a prospecting tool, you greatly enhance your ability to identify and land new clients. RemedyOne’s broker partners have all seen growth in their firms as a result of our industry-leading Pharmacy benefit solutions. RemedyOne will assist throughout the sales process to help ensure you land the client. Whether it’s our sales collateral, advanced analytics or attending a finalist meeting, no other consulting firm offers our level of service.

It's Working

RemedyOne is great at partnering with our clients and us. They bring a high level of expertise to our self- insured clients in the fast-changing and often complex pharmacy  benefits landscape. Their third- party due diligence and scrutiny has provided tremendous value that’s helped with cost savings and long-term plan management. It is a pleasure to work with RemedyOne.

Mark L. Crawford

Burnham Benefit Advisors

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