RemedyOne is matching Cancer for College donations through ScholarScripts.

$500,000 earmarked to match individual gifts through December 31, 2018.

Cancer for College is one of those unique charities that helps a deserving, but often-overlooked, segment. They provide college scholarships and education experiences to low-income, high-achieving cancer survivors. Once someone beats cancer we assume everything is okay, and it’s not. Cancer for College has spotlighted there is a need for help after cancer. And they deliver.

Positive Disruption for Survivors and Their Families
RemedyOne takes a different point of view. Our mission to lead incredible changes in how America delivers, manages and pays for healthcare tracks perfectly with Cancer for College’s commitment to make incredible changes in cancer survivors’ lives.

RemedyOne paired with ScholarScripts, our charitable arm, is committed to improving lives and outcomes every day. Take advantage of our commitment and double your donation before the end of the year. That's why we've committed $500,000 to match contributions to Cancer for College throughout the fourth quarter of 2018. Donate today and double your gift.

About RemedyOne
A Healthier Way to Do Business

RemedyOne is changing the healthcare reality in America. Our 360° view, experience, relationships and understanding all focus on finding efficiencies, eliminating waste and improving outcomes. We help employers, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurers, brokers, pharmacies and patients experience healthier outcomes.

Our healthier way to do business is disrupting the status quo and delivering fresh ways to handle strategies, relationships, negotiations and operations. Instead of following the framework, we’re inventing better ways.

About ScholarScripts
Remedies for Life

The ScholarScripts Healthcare Consortium is a powerful force for change and improvement, striving to cure what ails our world. Created and administered by the leadership of RemedyOne, ScholarScripts helps in-need but underserved segments of our communities.

RemedyOne has called on some of America’s largest healthcare leaders to support ScholarScripts and band together in rethinking and improving charitable giving. It’s not just that we give, but how we efficiently process our giving that improves outcomes. Compassionate healthcare companies are listening and joining our consortium – from Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Plans to Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Third-Party Administrators. You and your organization can be a part of this remedy that comes after the cure. The scholarships you fund give a lifetime of benefit to students, their families and their communities.

Who knows, we may even fund the education of a student who one day finds a cure.

Satisfied with Your Results? You shouldn’t be. RemedyOne will show you a healthier way to do business.


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