Navigating through the complex world of Generics and Authorized Generics:

We Can Slash Billions in Healthcare Costs Today

RemedyOne Promotes Ralph Pisano to Chief Pharmacy Officer

RemedyOne In-House Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Improves Efficiency, Cuts Waste & Controls Cost

Independent physicians give RemedyOne’s P&T objective, evidence-based guidance to select appropriate and effective drug formularies, medication uses and devices

Helping Set a New Record for Prescription Drug Abuse

RemedyOne Commits $500,000 to Match Cancer for College Donations in Q4 2018

Positive Disruption for Survivors and Their Families

What's Really Going on with Drug Prices?

Up? Down? Staying the Same? It depends on who you listen to and when.

People Played, Laughed and Helped Create Remedies for Life

Even Healthcare News Lacks Transparency

It’s important to read beyond the headlines and understand the details of what’s really going on in healthcare. For example, recent news stories exclaimed that Optum is going to pay point-of-service rebates to the consumer for its fully insured business.

What's Really Going on in Healthcare

As I reflect on the recent news stories and commentary pieces about changes in healthcare, I can’t help but think how little the average person really understands about how we deliver and pay for healthcare in America. It’s no surprise, because it’s really complicated.

RemedyOne Adds More Thought Leaders to Help Lead the Company's New Approach to Healthcare

Beckie Fenrick and Rose Mongillo are the latest wave of healthcare talent to join RemedyOne’s quest to revitalize healthcare, improve outcomes and deliver greater value for every dollar spent.

RemedyOne Appoints Kevin Kobielski to Lead Strategic Consulting Practice that Helps Clients Tackle their Toughest Challenges

Kevin brings fresh solutions and industry-leading practices to fix problems facing healthcare payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

RemedyOne Names Ralph Pisano as Executive Vice President of Trade Relations to Optimize Rebate Management and Formulary Design

Pisano’s experience will help control costs and identify savings opportunities as he grows RemedyOne’s client roster.

RemedyOne Names Michelle M. Frank as Executive Vice President, Sales to Help Customers Understand Options and Make Smarter Healthcare Choices

Frank will leverage management and problem-solving experience to devise ideal solutions for Health Plans, Employers, TPAs, PBMs and Brokers.

U.S. Supreme Court Shortens Generic Drugs Time to Market

On June 12, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that biosimilar applicants will no longer be required to wait for an additional 180 days to launch their biosimilar product once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted regulatory approval.

Specialty Drug "Definition" is up for debate.

Whether it’s the special handling of the drug or a certain $ amount selected to categorize a specialty product, everyone has a different definition of specialty drugs.

Are you ready to walk the walk?

Hidden under health care’s bland gray flannel and business casual attire is a new force.

Satisfied with Your Results? You shouldn’t be. RemedyOne will show you a healthier way to do business.


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