Rebate and Formulary Management

There’s More
to Drug Costs
than Drug Costs

Complex relationships, rebates and rules all contribute to drug costs and savings. RemedyOne looks at Drug Rebate and Formulary Management Services as partnerships. If handled properly, all parties can improve their outcomes.

We begin with an analysis that helps you understand your potential rebates on pharmaceutical products, how much (if any) rebates you are getting now and opportunities to maximize rebates and drive down overall net cost. Clearing up this confusion gives you a better understanding of healthcare’s complicated pharmacy maze and your place in it.

Armed with this analysis, we use our expertise to negotiate favorable, innovative rebate contracts that can substantially increase your rebate payments and reduce your costs.

Formularies and Policies
Please use the following link to access RemedyOne’s policies, our formularies are available upon request. The policies listed are our primary policies. The one for your business could vary as they may be customized to meet particular needs. 

Look for exciting next phase developments from RemedyOne that will allow you to access your specific formularies with your customer login.

Autoimmune Medical Infused and Injectable Product Policy

Autoimmune Product Policy

Viscosupplement Injectable Product Policy