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RemedyOne is a dynamic, growing, multi-faceted healthcare solutions company. Our product portfolio is expanding and evolving to meet our clients’ needs and maximize their opportunities. We’d love to talk to you about how we could grow and customize these solutions for you. Each day the team at RemedyOne identifies solutions to fix healthcare inefficiencies. Based on customer and market demand, we then build and deliver these solutions to our customers. Here is an overview of the solutions we have in our product pipeline. If you’re interested in any of these solutions or have other issues you want us to address, contact us. We’ll find a better way to fix your healthcare inefficiency.

Hospital Drug Reimbursement Solutions:
Why does a drug administered in a hospital cost more than a drug administered in a physician’s office? The only difference in care we see is that the patient may get a wrist band in the hospital. So why does the drug cost 300% more in the hospital? At RemedyOne, we have a solution so it doesn’t.

Limited Drug Distribution Network:
Some high-cost, complex drugs can only be delivered by a few select pharmacies. When these pharmacies don’t have a relationship with the health plan administering a patient’s benefits, that patient may end up paying a lot more. There’s a RemedyOne solution for that.

Network Partnerships:
Doctors use a drug to treat a common condition. They can choose from two versions of the drug where they will be reimbursed a % mark-up – one cost more than $2,000, the other costs $50. If it were your money, which would you choose? RemedyOne is working with a physicians’ network to help them see the benefits of using the most cost-effective drugs to drive down costs.