About Us

It Is Broke(en)
and We Need
to Fix It

The greatest failures of our broken healthcare system are outcomes. There is too great a risk that everyone – patients, employers, providers, drug companies, insurers, pharmacies and more – don’t realize the outcomes they need to thrive.

RemedyOne is focused on changing that, with a healthier way to do business.

Instead of maintaining the status quo or “doing the best we can under the circumstances” we strive to lead change for the better. Founded and operated by healthcare professionals who look to the future, we’ve honed a unique understanding of the industry. So whether it’s refining a process, improving relationships or completely rethinking how things work, we’re finding better ways to better outcomes for our clients.

It’s easy to figure out how to get in lockstep with the rest of the healthcare industry, follow the rules and be satisfied with what you get. That’s not RemedyOne’s business plan. We started the company after years of actively participating in the system and coming up against resistance when we saw the need for change. So we made a point of studying the system and developing true understanding of how and why things are done. Then refocused that understanding into new methodologies that can redirect resources, rethink responsibilities and redefine success.

RemedyOne’s professionals act on our customers’ behalf to uncover opportunities, advocate for action and strike better deals. Our relationships with leaders across the industry open the doors that make this change possible. Our understanding and skills fashion that change for our clients’ advantage.

Change Agents
If you’re happy with your stake and performance in the healthcare industry, you don’t need RemedyOne. But if you want better outcomes, improved results and healthier growth, things need to change. RemedyOne is focused on reshaping our industry – raising the bar and redefining success. We’re changing things for the better. And you can be a part of it.